Through Angel Eyes

Happening in the Lyric Theatre

A violent military army of angels have captured and continue to terrorize planet earth, leaving its citizens helpless, at threat of destruction unless someone from the celestial realm comes to rescue them. This Easter play comes with a phenomenal and unexpected twist. It looks through the eyes of angels - celestial, powerful beings, intricately involved in an age old battle, transcending earth's history itself.

Not only have their commander and God, aka Jesus Christ come to rescue this planet, but now we humans must sit as spectators to witness the passion, tears, frustration, pain and faithfulness of angels through an immersive lens.

We learn about the rebellion that started in heaven, along with the trauma, loss, and violence these angels became subjected to by their own rebellious fellow angels.

This play will surprise, tantalize, make you laugh, and even bring you to tears as you watch the unfolding of the story of redemption Through Angels' Eyes.


March 21, 20207:30 pm