Kaleo Productions Presents:

Old Skool “He’ll Make A Way”

Happening in the George Weston Recital Hall

Caribbean immigrants sacrificed everything for a better life in Canada, only to face the harshest discrimination and prejudice of their lives. Their strength and sense of community led them to create the first Black churches, giving a home to future generations in search of faith and justice.

In 1968, twenty-eight-year-old Samuel Green blazed a path for Afro Caribbean’s never before taken: he led a mass migration from Jamaica to Canada. They arrived at a tumultuous time in history—right after Martin Luther King’s assassination and just as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau took office. Eager to join the white churches already established, these West Indian immigrants faced shocking racism and xenophobia. With courage and resiliency, now-Pastor Samuel Green, his wife, Lily, and her young son, Paul, assistant Pastors Russel Thomas and Anthony Tomlinson form their own Black church, empowering their community. At the same time, Lily finds a unique and special connection with her employer, Jewish dancer and actress, Rachel Rozman. Together they prove that racial distinction can unite rather than divide. 

With humour, gospel music and drama, Old Skool is a witty, modern, inter-generational story told in a series of three plays that highlight three influential time periods: The Sixties, The Eighties, and The Millenium. Inspired by true stories, this captivating play uncovers the trials and triumphs of people who bravely started Afro Caribbean Churches in Canada, gave others a helping hand during periods of immigration setbacks and employment barriers and highlights the enduring friendships of Caribbean and Jewish women that transcend time and social injustices. Old Skool will enrapture audiences and move our humanity.


Featuring R&B turned Gospel Sensation Shirley Murdock

Written & Directed by Dr. Elaine Brown Spencer


April 18, 20207:30 pm