Dawn Initiative presents


Happening in the Lyric Theatre



Dawn is a collaborative concert project dedicated to celebrating the oneness of the human family.

This project was born out of conversations between a group of people who had common experiences. Some emigrated to Canada to provide opportunity for their families, others to escape oppression and persecution, but they also wanted to live in a free and caring society that is united in its diversity. While we cherish the many values, qualities and freedoms in Canada, we can not forget the anguish of those in pain around the world facing extreme prejudice, injustice, racism and other forms of suffering. 

Inspired by the writings of Baha’u’llah and The Báb we believe in a vision for the oneness of the human family and we believe in the power of the arts as a major force in the transformation and development of communities, specially the role of music in elevating the soul and the human condition. In concert with our personal and collective stories these beliefs moved us to explore the conflict between our experiences and the common vision that gathered our team together.

The question was how do we design a journey that demonstrated this fundamental unity of all human beings through music. Early in 2019, composers around the world were invited to write a composition inspired by the theme “Celebration of the Oneness of Humanity”. We were overjoyed that a diverse group of internationally accomplished composers and performers agreed to serve on the panel of judges including Christos Hatzis, Norbert Palej and Alheli Pimienta. 109 entries from 35 countries were received. We were overwhelmed by the interest. Ultimately, 6 compositions were selected by the judges for performance during the climax of this journey.

Join us to celebrate the oneness of the human family in concert including winning compositions by Kevin Lau (Hong Kong-Canada), Lena Orsa (Moscow), Aran Corcoran (Ireland), Sergei Kofman (Canada), Ara Cho (Korea), and Siavash Kaveh (Iran). The program will also include compositions by Christos Hatzis, Norbert Palej, and Parisa Sabet.

The program will feature some of the best Canadian musicians including: Jacqueline Woodley (soprano), Alheli Pimienta (flute), Peter Stoll (clarinet), Alex Toskov (violin), Narmina Afandiyeva (piano), Pegah Yazdani (piano) and Samuel Bisson (cello).

The concert will be co-presented by the Nancy Campbell Academy, a not-for-profit, private, school located in the city of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Nancy Campbell Academy has garnered international recognition through the Performing Arts World Citizenship Tours that are part of World Citizenship course.

This project has been made possible by generous contributions from Ontario Arts Council as well as several individuals and corporate sponsors. For more information please visit: https://www.dawninitiative.com.

We warmly invite you to join us in this unique celebration!

Dawn Initiative team: Anahita Momtazian, Seema Yazdanmehr, Parisa Sabet, Saeid Yazdanmehr, Vafa Akhavan


November 23, 20196:00 pm