Speaker Slam presents

2019 Grand Slam of Inspirational Speaking

Happening in the Lyric Theatre

Speaker Slam is Canada’s largest Inspirational Speaking Competition bringing together the most talented speakers, reputable professional judges and hundreds of passionate attendees who thrive on inspiration, community, and connection.

After our third year of Speaker Slam, it has all come down to this: The Grand Slam! 14 of the year’s best, ready to take centre stage and go head to head and heart to heart to determine who is the 2019 Inspirational Speaker of the Year.  The winner will walk away with the Grand Slam trophy, $2000 cash and a prize package valued at over $10,000.

For the speakers, it all starts with a secret desire – maybe to push through their fear or step outside of their comfort zone, or to share a vulnerable moment with an attentive, heart centred audience or maybe, just maybe, to storm the stage and leave victorious as the intensely engaged crowd cheers wildly!

This year’s theme will be sure to touch and inspire every person in the room.  Will you be there to witness this magnificent display of brilliance?


Top 8 Reasons to Attend Speaker Slam!

  1.  14 inspiring speakers sharing their 5-minute masterpieces.
  2.  8 amazingly dynamic and reputable judges.
  3.  Hosted at the prominent Meridian Arts Centre, Lyric Theatre
  4.  Passion Speed Share – an opportunity to jump up on stage in front of 600 people and share a 2-minute speech on the theme.
  5.  A room full of like-minded people that you need to meet.
  6.  Be a part of Speaker Slam history and celebrate the best of the year.
  7.  An opportunity to check out the vibe and format of our event while you prepare for your own Speaker Slam debut – yes, YOU can join our contest and compete to win cash and prizes!
  8.  An enjoyable, entertaining evening out with two wonderful hosts 




November 20, 20197:00 pm